GF Bacon, Egg and Cheese Bagel – GF bread success!

I have been incredibly hesitant to try any of the gluten-free bread products because unlike pasta, you can’t really drench them in sauce to drown out the somewhat stale taste that is gluten-free.

Happy to report the the GF Bagels that I tried were great! I combined it with bacon, egg, butter and cheese and it was delicious- And so so easy to make!

2 slices bacon
2 large eggs
2 pieces cheddar cheese
2 tbsp butter
1 GF Bagel
Salt & Pepper to tase

How to make:
Crisp bacon in a skillet first, set aside
Fry eggs (add salt & pepper to taste)
Once eggs are fried on both sides, fold in half, and then into a quarter
Toast bagel
Add cheese on top of egg (while still in skillet)
Butter bagel
Combine into one sandwich and microwave for approximately 10-15 seconds


Bagels I used:




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