“Are you feeling better?”

If I get asked this question one more time I’m going to freak. Just because I’m no longer working and am on short term disability, does not mean that my chronic illnesses are better.

They’re fucking chronic!!

This question floats around a lot in the chronic world and I think it is usually well-intentioned and genuine. People don’t take the time to think, oh wait, that’s actually like asking a person who lost their leg if they are “feeling better” because they are no longer working. But no one would ever do that, because people can see that person’s pain.

Invisible illnesses are hard to understand and incredibly hard to deal with. Its not people’s fault that they don’t get what we are dealing with, its really not. But its also not their place to randomly provide unwanted medical advice, and people sure as hell love to do that don’t they?

That’s where awareness plays a huge role in the chronic community. Our blogs, Instagram, Twitter and FB accounts all are vehicles in which we can spread awareness about our conditions.

People are busy, they aren’t going to take the time to research things they aren’t dealing with. So its our responsibility to SHOW them. Be loud, be brash, be sad or mad. But we can’t just sit and silently stew over people’s ignorance. We have to do our part and tell people, remind people, of what we are dealing with every single day.

Maybe then, questions like “are you feeling better”, won’t be so prevalent.

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