Aquatic therapy & its aftermath

Yay for trying something new! My physical therapist passed me onto aquatic therapy and I had my first appointment a couple days ago and it actually went pretty well! Don’t get me wrong, I had to push through tears in my eyes and screaming out (embarrassingly) when I made the wrong move and triggered a shock of needles. But I did it!

I was able to get through 20 minutes of being in the water and I did 2 walking exercises and some simple leg movements on a seat. I was so proud of myself!

Background to why this is an accomplishment – since I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I have had extreme hypersensitivity with water. Showering, washing my hands, swimming in water – they all hurt like hell.

I have finally desensitized my hands so that washing them no longer hurts as bad (except on those flare days ouch). But I still race through showers and haven’t been able to enjoy swimming in water.

The sensation I get upon feeling water against my skin is like hundreds of needles piercing through me. Like the tiny needles that only hurt once they are pushed straight through your skin and blood vessels and joints and muscles. Those kind.

But! Like I said, that’s why being in the pool for 20 minutes and actually being able to put pressure on my legs was a HUGE success for me!

As for the aftermath – I was absolutely wrecked the night of my appointment. I don’t know that if this is coincidence but in light of documenting, I also had a fever of 101F most of the next day and was barely able to get out of bed. Now on day 3, I’ve dropped the fever and am more myself.

Basically, I need to see what happens after my next session before making any decisions on this method of therapy. I have high hopes for it, so I plan to push through until I can’t anymore!

On a side note, the program that I am lucky enough to go to is absolutely amazing. The building is brand new (pool is pictured) and it really is state of the art care for pain management of all kinds. Shout out to Shirley Ryan Ability Lab in Chicago!

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