“Progress” update

Being on short term disability sucks. I’m being put in a position where I am given 3 months to… I don’t know, get better I guess? And if not… well, who the fuck knows.

To answer some of the ignorant questions I have been getting –
1. No, I am not enjoying my short term leave
2. No, I’m not feeling better just because I’m not at work
3. Yes, I am still in the same amount of pain everyday (Im just not forced to go places when I can barely get ready without crying)

Here’s my reality:

I am in a constant battle with my insurance company and work place. My pay is all messed up and my insurance co. flagged my short term disability application because I decided to be a good person and give work 3 weeks to find a replacement before going on leave.

Not to mention I’m on a deadline to figure out if I am going on long term disability. Oh, as of today its a a whopping 14 days left for me to decide, cool. Its due 2 months prior to the end of my short term leave, so yeah thats basically tomorrow.

I’m in in occupational therapy and aquatic therapy as often as I can get approved for. My physical therapist already admitted there is nothing left in her expertise that can help progress me. Actually, none of the therapists really know if they can help me.

I started a Gluten- free diet. Its not quite as bad as I thought but is expensive and still not fun. On week 2 but not noticing anything different, not that I expect to yet.

I’m keeping myself active while still trying to focus on “relaxing”. (ha, that’s a joke. I’m on eggshells every day trying to figure out life)

I feel like I’m doing everything I possibly could to improve my quality of life but nothing is working. Defeated left and right.

I just want my normal life back.

5 thoughts on ““Progress” update

  1. I’m with you, in a similar position though not on short-term leave. Trying everything and feeling like your specialists are giving up is so tough. You’re not alone and your fight is not in vain ❤ wishing you good energy & many more Spoons xx

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  2. I understand what you are going through! I have been out of work 2 weeks and it is driving me crazy. I did apply for short term disability so hopefully that will help me for the time I have missed. Pain is horrible to deal with, especially when it is all the time!

    I also understand how frustrating it is dealing with insurance companies. They are the absolute worst people to deal with. I hope things are going well for you now! Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you! Take Care!

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  3. The irony of a deadline to “feel better” drives me nuts that our society still tries to treat and approach chronic conditions as acute ones. Im glad your short term disability was approved. I found finding things that “worked” (I use the term very loosely, worked doesn’t mean cured, worked means managed to some degree) was a lot of data tracking and using the shotgun approach vs the bullet approach (i.e. Cast a wide net and see what hits). Data tracking for me is very key as for me things often take time weeks or months and often things get worse before they get better so dat tracking helps me to more easily see if things I’m trying are helping shift for the better or staying the same or getting worse as well as how things beyond my control impact like weather, outside stressors, hormones and such. Helps,to figure out the cyclical nature of things and also trigger stacking (ex it will so,times seem like things I’m doing aren’t helping when they are it’s just that triggers beyond my control are happening more than usual so my pain management techniques are less effective gah in other circumstances. Wishing you all the best in this process.


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