Your tired is not my tired.

Having a bad pain day so ignore the brashness of this one – but I am starting to really get irritated by people continuously trying to equate their pain, or tiredness, to mine. I’m not saying mine is always worse, trust me I know people have it worse than me (as ignorant assholes still like to remind me), but why do people feel the need to try to “measure up” to other people’s pain?

I think it might be a coping mechanism that makes them feel like they understand what I’m going through. When in reality no one has any clue what the fuck I’m going through. Same can be said for anyone with a chronic illness – we all have our own forms of pain, even when the condition is the same.

A suggestion for people supporting someone with a chronic condition- just try to be there. Try to listen and show your support. You don’t need to respond to my comments of exhaustion by saying that you’re tired too, that you only got a few hours of sleep last night. Unless you have chronic fatigue, please save the remarks. You don’t need to respond to my comments of pain with saying that your back hurts too. You likely have no idea what kind of pain I am referring to unless you endure Fibro.

This is not a pity-party post, this is a post about just keeping things real. We are all different and experience different things. But don’t for a minute think that you know what anyone else is experiencing.

Support and love are what we need to keep fighting this battle. Thank you so much to everyone who has continued to show that in my life. I would be lost without you.



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