October 4th. Everything can change in the blink of an eye Kels.

Today is never an easy day for me. I actually quite hate it.

8 years ago I lost someone special to me to a drug overdose.

We dated for a handful of months and had a connection that I couldn’t explain. I really cared for him. Our relationship was anything but ordinary from the beginning. Our first date was a road trip to Naples, FL. Who the F goes on a 24+ hour car ride with someone as a first date?! What if we ended up having nothing to talk about, or what if I got annoyed of him after the first hour!?

It ended up being a great time. I saw my family down there and got to visit their homes which was such a special opportunity. But when we got back, the lies started to come out. It seemed too good to be true, and it was.

He hid his drug addiction  from me for a month or so. Once I figured it out, everything changed. Our fights were awful. Anyone who has been with someone who is on Xanax and drunk knows what I am talking about. They just get so… mean.

He promised to change, promised to get clean. But he never did. And eventually I couldn’t take it anymore, and I left.

3 months later he overdosed on some sort of cancer morphine patch, and died.

He was 19 years old.

To lose someone at such a young age is heart wrenching. Its even harder when you blame yourself for not sticking it out longer and trying harder to help him.

When you lose a loved one it tends to put your life into perspective in a way you hadn’t been looking at it before. As a student in college, I learned to value the people closest to me more than I ever had. I re-learned that nothing in life is guaranteed tomorrow.

“Everything can change in the blink of an eye Kels”

My dad used the simple saying with us kids all the time, but 8 years ago it rang more true than ever.

RIP Jim.

Gone but never forgotten.


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