Time to cut the sh!t. And by that I mean, Gluten.

Sadly its the day I have been dreading since I was diagnosed with chronic migraines 4 years ago and the doctor suggested, after exhausting every other option possible, to remove Gluten from my diet.

I said F that. Hell no. And laughed it off.

Now 4 years later, its one of my last hopes to find relief. Its no secret to anyone that there is no actual source of relief for Fibromyalgia yet, the people who suffer from it are responsible for trying to find their own in any way possible.

Our diet, our social life, our daily routine – we put all of it to a magnifying glass and try to discover another option, however small it may be, to find relief against the constant pain.

So here I go. I am following as many Gluten-free bloggers and Instagramers I can, and am ready to cut Gluten from my diet. And no, not just like half cut it out, cold turkey cut that shit out. From what I have read, you need to extract it from your diet for at minimal 1 month to see results.

Just to level set, everything I eat is packed with Carbs. Pasta, pizza, bread, crackers, you name it. Gluten is currently present in about 90% of my diet.

This is going to be hard as fuck. But hopefully worth it.

6 thoughts on “Time to cut the sh!t. And by that I mean, Gluten.

  1. I hope going gluten-free helps you. I’ve been gluten-free for almost five years now, and it has made a big difference for me. Like you, I love carbs, and I still eat quite a few, just in a different form now than I used to. Every now and then, I think “well, maybe I can eat a little gluten and I’ll be okay,” but that never goes well for me….. I wish you luck on your GF journey, and if I can help in any way, let me know!

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  2. Oh-my-gosh, Me too. I’ve been told to cut the gluten out as well. Also to record my eating habits. Like a journal, bbbuuuutttt….. I have yet to give in. 😦 I realized that I too eat so much carbs. Like everything is carbs… Before this I didn’t realize how much breads and pasta and so on that I ate. I also didn’t realize how much I love them. Cheese is my favorite food. I just love it plain or with foods. Ugh. I so wish there was another way. I do know that I WILL go gluten free at some point but, I guess that right know I’m still just simply fighting myself bout it.. :(( Good Luck!! :))

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