Relationships & Fibromyalgia + other shit

One of the most impacted parts of my life with Fibromyalgia + chronic pain is undoubtedly my relationships with friends, family and my boyfriend, Ryan. My social life was stripped away as I progressively became more and more sick. I couldn’t go to bars, have late nights, or go to concerts anymore. My friends want to understand and want to empathize, but just can’t. My love life – well, I hurt to the touch so lets think about how thats been impacted. He is a saint.

And my family- I know they want to help so bad and feel beyond helpless. Everyone does. Hopelessness is one of the worst emotions and it kills me to know I am causing it on others.

But that being said, how amazing are the people in our lives? The people that stand by us, support us, and encourage us to never give up. Where would we be without them? I am so grateful for every single person that has shown compassion towards me and cared enough to try to understand what I am going through.

I know that not everyone has this support system, a lot of people might not. But that’s what this site, and the concept of blogging is for, right? To help keep us motivated. To help keep us going. To help find people who understand and empathize when no one else in your life can or want to.

Keep fighting spoonies.

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