Insomnia. Its as much second nature as breathing is to people with Fibromyalgia. I have medicine, it helps me stay asleep through the pain… until I plateau. Until the max dose is reached and I am now being put on muscle relaxers to accompany my sleeping pills.

But, that being said, I would highly highly recommend Trazadone to anyone who is struggling to sleep through the pain of their illness. It helps knock me out once I fall asleep, and is actually super cheap which is rare these days (because the drug is so old).

I would often awake from the shooting pains that jolt throughout my body during the night, but this is the one medicine to actually block that. It puts me into a deep REM sleep that I have not experienced since getting sick.

Insomnia consumes our lives, and those waking hours seem to go on forever. Like seriously, forever. But somehow we function through a normal day, like normal healthy people.

We are Warriors. Every single day – remember that. Remember that most people wouldn’t be able to function with the energy and fatigue we experience daily. Remember that our daily pain levels exceed what “healthy” people would consider moving at.

We WILL win this battle.

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