Cane-in’ ain’t easy.

Walking with a cane daily sucks, like really sucks. I’m 28 years old and feel like I’m 88.

But shit, if I’m going to be stuck with a cane, I plan to have fun with it. I own about 7 different canes, all of different color and variety.

I get compliments from the elderly, unsettled looks from my peers, and a look of pure confusion from children. Oh and dogs- dogs have no idea what I’m doing with that big stick.

I am curious though… does anyone else with Fibromyalgia have to walk with a cane daily, just to get around? Does anyone else have nightmares of walking without a cane and falling so hard that you can’t catch yourself?

The shooting pains/electrical shocks through my ankles, shins and knees becomes debilitating that I no longer feel confident walking without one. I have fallen enough times that I am scarred…

But I need to get away from it. I need to walk normal again. I need to refuse that this is my future.

Let’s get this physical therapy shizit going! Seeing my pain management doctor tomorrow, couldn’t be more excited to get a plan together for when I’m on short term leave!

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