“But you don’t look sick”


The worst phrase that sick people have to deal with dumbasses saying to us. And to that I say – Screw you, you don’t look like an asshole, but apparently you are.

People who judge others – suck at life. I’m a young professional, who appears to be healthy, successful and happy.

Oh if only you knew.

If only you knew that behind this smile that I wear all day, comes a night filled with tears and despair.

If only you knew that behind every task requested, I am closer and closer to falling over from exhaustion.

If you only knew that every single day I struggle to get ready for the day to the point of crying in the shower from hypersensitivity and fatigue.

If only you knew that every step, every movement, causes me pain. Real, physical pain.

Would you care?

I don’t honestly care if you do. Because I do, and I WILL fight this bullshit chronic condition one step at a time. One fake smile, fake laugh, and fake day at a time. Until finally… the happiness isn’t fake anymore.

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